Publishing to the App Gallery

When your application has graduated and been released into production, you can then publish it to the RingCentral App Gallery in order to help promote it, and acquire customers. To publish your application, begin by logging into the Developer Portal, and selecting the app you would like to publish. Then select the 'Publish' tab and fill in the App Info form as shown below.

Edit Your App Profile

Here is a description of the fields you may enter:

Field Name Description
Application Name The name of your app as you wish it to appear in the directory. This may be different from the app name in the Developer Portal.
Free or Paid How does your application make money? This information will be displayed publicly.
Get App URL Choose between accessing the app directly from within the App Gallery (common for bots), or provide a URL at which someone can download/access your application.
Publisher The name of the publisher as it will appear on the profile.
Publisher Website The URL to link the publisher's name to.
Supported By The name of the entity providing support for the plugin. This is often the same as the publisher.
Supported By Website The URL to link the supported by's name to.
Short Description Text that will appear on the Overview tab, above the screenshots as a headline. Please limit to a sentence or two at most.
Long Description Large block of text that will appear on the Overview tab below the screenshots. This field supports markdown.
System Requirement A list of requirements that will be displayed on the Overview tab in the sidebare.
App Type The RingCentral product this application extends or provides value to. This field will help your app get discovered by the right people.
App Category Select the category or categories you want your application to be listed in.
Publish Date The date of publication. You may also select a date in the future to schedule the app profile's publication in the Gallery.
Installation A large block text that will appear in the Installation tab if any text is provided. This field supports markdown.
Resource Links Add as many links as you would like. These links will be displayed in the sidebar of the Overview tab.
App Logo Upload versions of your application's logo.
App Screenshots Upload screenshots of your application.
App Video Specify an embed URL to render a playable video on the app's profile.
Support Email The email address to direct support inquiries to.
Support Phone A phone number to direct support inquiries to.
Support Time Enter in the time's your support team is available.
Support Request URL If your system support help tickets, or form-based support inquiries, provide the URL to that form.
Document URL The URL to your application's documentation.
Community URL The URL to your application's support community or forums.
Wiki URL The URL to your application's online documentation portal/wiki.

Previewing Your Profile

After you have entered all the information describing your brand new app, you can preview it by clicking the 'Save and preview' button.

Submitting Your Profile

Make changes as needed until everything appears correctly. Once your profile has been published, you will not be allowed to edit it again with special assistance.

When you are happy with your application's App Gallery profile, click the 'Submit to publish' button for your app publication. Your app is now published in App Gallery.

Featured apps are selected from the RingCentral Connect Platform Premier Partners. To join the CP3 program as a Premier Partner, please fill out our partner application form. Being featured is at the discretion of our Connect Platform Partner team.