Using Phones in Sandbox

Every sandbox account is provisioned a different phone number than the one used in production. To place and receive calls in sandbox, we recommend using the RingCentral Phone available in our App Gallery.

This may come in useful when you are developing apps that make use of:

  • RingOut - to receive calls at a sandbox phone number.
  • Voicemail - to retrieve, listen to, and delete voicemails.
  • Call Control - to hang-up, hold, flip, forward calls placed to sandbox numbers.

Toggling your RingCentral Phone

Every new install of the RingCentral Phone is configured to work in production. To switch your phone to the sandbox environment, followi these steps:

  1. Launch RingCentral Phone.

  2. Once logged in, press Ctrl+F2 (for Mac Fn+Cmd+F2), to bring up a menu to select your preferred environment.

  3. Select 'Sandbox' in the pop-up menu and sign in with your sandbox account credentials.