Calling a URI

In addition to making calls via the RingOut API, if the user has the RingCentral for Desktop softphone installed, it is possible to use a URI scheme to initiate a dial out from the application.

RingCentral supports both a custom rcmobile URI scheme will resolve the issue of competing applications using the same URI scheme and a standard tel URI scheme which is more common but subject to competing uses.

RingCentral URI Scheme

The RingCentral rcmobile URI Scheme is specific to RingCentral and thus has a higher probability of working as intended.

<!-- HTML URI Scheme -->
<!-- See below for Google Chrome usage -->
<a href="rcmobile://call?number=16501112222">1-650-111-2222</a>

Standard URI Scheme

The standard tel URI Scheme is also supported but since multiple applications can use this URI scheme, there may be competing applications resulting in a less desirable expeirence.

<!-- HTML URI Scheme -->
<!-- See below for Google Chrome usage -->
<a href="tel:1-650-111-2222">1-650-111-2222</a>
<a href="tel:16501112222">1-650-111-2222</a>

Google Chrome Note

Many browsers will support the native rcmobile and tel URI Schemes via a standard URL href described above, however, Google Chrome requires special handling using JavaScript. This is described in more detail on Stack Overflow.

// Use the following for Google Chrome only
var w = (window.parent)?window.parent:window;